Furniture Made of Beans: An Interesting Piece

As what the name says, it’s a sealed bag filled with beans. Manufacturers are now using different kinds of fillers that were stuffed inside these bags. Most bean bags are filled with Styrofoam beads, micro beads, dried beans, EPS or expanded polystyrene beads and EPP or expanded polypropylene beads. Some are even using sand or small pebbles for outdoor beanbags.

This interesting piece of furniture was invented in Italy in 1969. It was first called “Sacco”, a pear shaped chair made with leather and filled with Styrofoam beads. The bags are usually made of suede, leather and polyester.

Types of Bean Bags

Bean bags are categorized based on their shapes, sizes and fillings. The types based on shapes are round, square, novelty and elongated. Those based on sizes are baby bean bags, kids, and teen, extra-large and double extra-large. Lastly, those based on fillings are derived from list of fillings mentioned above. Regardless of the type of beanbags, the main goal of this invention is to provide comfort in a stylish and modern package.

A Must-have in Every Household

It is a must have on every household especially if you have newborn kids. The baby bean bags are famous for helping address some conditions of babies like colic and flat head syndrome. It is also an excellent alternative to sofas and couches with its fashionable, fun and exciting designs. You just need to make sure that all bean bags are properly sealed and zippers have removable handle or parental locking device to guarantee its safety.

Oh, and not just in every household. You can see beanbags being used in restaurants, cafes, hotel and office lobbies and a lot more commercial establishments all wanting to create a modern, chic and cozy ambience for their customers.